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The storyline was complete. It followed Li Zhengwei as he skipped classes to surf the net, left home to start his career, made a name for himself, became recognized as the best Counter Strike player in China, and then fell into the low point he was at now. These scenes were peppered with interviews with his parents, the people around him, his coach, and his fans. Coupled with the beautiful background music and seamless transitions, the entire documentary could resonate with its viewers.

Even Pei Qian was shocked by this documentary.

The weekend came and went, and just like that, it was Sunday, March 14th. White Day had arrived.

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To be honest, I was grateful it had come on a Sunday.

There were several gifts prepared on my desk.

If today had been a weekday, I’d have had a hard time figuring out when to hand them over.

Should it be in the morning, before class? Or should I wait until after school?

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There would be a lot of other things to think about too. What order would I hand them out in? How would I handle the gifts for people in other classes?

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More than anything, it wouldn’t be good for my reputation if people around me saw what I was doing.

I knew that if it came down to it, it would be best to hand them over without worrying about how other people saw me, but that would be impossible.

However, with today being a day off, I could just put them in their respective mailboxes.

In order to make sure I didn’t run into anyone, I left my room early in the morning and made my way to the dormitory mailboxes.

“Let’s see…”