New software that makes money online

New software that makes money online

How could they differentiate... if the roasted cold noodles was nice or not?

If the cold noodles here were compared to the cold noodles on the streets, they would definitely be more delicious. After all, there were obvious improvements in both the raw ingredients and the chef’s cooking methods.

However, the problem was, how much ‘more delicious’ did it taste?

Would the diners be willing to bear the premium, and would they soon get tired of it?

No one could say for sure.

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Li Shi tasted all the dishes and said, “Actually... it’s better than I imagined. It’s considered quite delicious among the internet celebrity brands.”

“Speaking of which, cold noodles are not that bad to begin with. What’s more, I would subconsciously compare it to the cold noodles sold by roadside stalls. Thus, I would subconsciously lower my expectations for the taste. That’s why I think it’s not bad...”

“As for the cold noodles and porridge, they’re just average.”

Xue Zhebin asked, “So... Should we invest in this project? At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems.”

Li Shi shook his head. “I’m not sure yet.”

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“Strictly speaking, what we’re doing right now is demining. We have to look for flaws and problems that could cause the project to fail from the details. We can’t invest if we find them, but that doesn’t mean there are no other problems with the project.”

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“From the looks of the current situation, even though the Cold Faced Lady’s project is burning money like crazy, the product is still passable. The taste is not outstanding, but it would not cause it to deduct a lot of points.”

“It means that Meng Chang spent all his funds on marketing and did not do anything outrageous if this is the result.”

“The marketing aspect is indeed considered successful. At least, many people already know about the Cold Faced Lady brand. It’s hard to say if... these people can recognize this brand and become loyal customers though...”