Is there some profitable app on the Internet?

Is there some profitable app on the Internet?

At that thought, Pei Qian decided to have a walk around in the next two days. He would find a location that was deserted yet big enough. There, he would set up the restaurant. They needed a big space in order to fit all the employees.

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July 19th, Monday…

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Ma Yiqun arrived at Zhongdian Chinese Network and began his daily work. There were not many manuscripts that had to be reviewed. Including the ones they received over the weekend, it was still few. He finished his reviewing work very quickly. Then, he started writing the plot for Repent and be Saved. Suddenly, he felt bored and decided to take a break.

Thus, he opened the online literature forum and began browsing. He scanned the hot topics on the first page and found that many people were discussing Zhongdian Chinese Network.

This was expected. After all, Ma Yiqun had spread the news that Zhongdian Chinese Network was looking for more manuscripts on several channels including forums. Naturally, many authors would discuss this.

However, Ma Yiqun found that based on the comments on the forum, his website was not very well-received.

“Recently, a new website was started. It’s called Zhongdian Chinese Network. Some people say that the pay is not bad. You just need to write three thousand words daily in order to earn a thousand yuan a month. It’s much better-paying than Infinite Chinese Network. Is it worth it? Can any expert offer opinions?”

“It’s a small site. I don’t advise it.”

“Some people have tried it. They say that the traffic on that website is way too low. It doesn’t seem like the website is buying any popular authors over or redirecting traffic from other sites either. You might have to be prepared to only receive the basic, full-time pay for a long time…”

“That can’t be… so miserable?”

“It really is that miserable. Someone even talked to their editors. I think the website does not offer any benefits other than the high, basic, full-time pay. If you have dreams of becoming popular, you should still try writing on Infinite Chinese Network. Even if you write good novels on that small website, nobody will subscribe to them.”

“If you write rubbish and cannot even hope for subscriptions, you can go to that small website?”