What can I make money on the online mobile phone?

What can I make money on the online mobile phone?

First, one should announce an 8,199 price tag and 1,000 stocks, and let everyone watch it as though they were watching a joke. The audience would feel that this 8,000 yuan seemed to be worth the money as well?

The advantages of the cell phone and its price were at two ends of the balance.

If someone were to put advantages on one side of the scale and 8,199 yuan on the other end, then the audiences’ expectations would be completely overwhelmed in that instance.

However, if that person put the price first and then slowly put the advantages at the end of the scale little by little, then the price would not seem so unacceptable! These advantages would have more weight!

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Chang You looked for Boss Pei in the sea of people and sighed in his heart.

Boss Pei really is a Great Master at Psychology! Who else could come up with such a maverick news conference apart from Boss Pei?

At this time, Pei Qian was frantically kneading the empty mineral water bottle in his hand at a corner.

No words went past his lips, and yet he was sprouting millions of MMP(1.MMP is a local vulgarity in Sichuan, similar to f*ck.) in his heart.

Are you guys mad? It’s a cell phone for a freaking 8,000 yuan!

Aren’t you the ones who usually fight over 20-yuan coupons? Now, you don’t think an 8,000-yuan cell phone is expensive?

You still want to buy even though we spammed its disadvantages to you?

What the hell are you thinking?! Which part of it went wrong?! Pei Qian had a bad premonition even though it was not officially opened for sale yet.

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The 1,000 cell phones wouldn’t be sold out in a matter of days, right?

“Alright, that is all I have for the news conference today. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone here today!