How does ordinary people make money on the Internet?

How does ordinary people make money on the Internet?

Pei Qian felt that this reverse training would definitely lower FV Team’s strength. That was why he encouraged them to continue walking towards this dead end.

In the end, they really f*cking mastered the gameplay?

Pei Qian did not pay much attention to FV Team’s training. Thus, when he saw the post, his first reaction was to think that it was nonsense. However, on further thought, FV Team had already achieved two 3: 0s. That was obviously very different from his expectations!

What was the problem then?

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Pei Qian quickly checked the post.

The person who posted the post was a high-scoring passerby from IOI and a former professional team analyst. He had a deep understanding of IOI’s game. However, as the market for IOI was shrinking day by day, he was forced to change his career to do GOG’s review program. He had been doing very well recently.

This time, he had obviously seen the popularity of the IOI World Finals which coincidentally met his area of expertise. That was why he posted this post.

“Let me analyze these few rounds of competition for everyone. The few tactics that FV team has used have actually appeared in GOG’s competitions. What’s more, FV team has actually used them in the qualifiers in the country!”

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“However, the results of the qualifiers were not very good. On the other hand, the international competition had a crushing effect. Thus, many people instinctively did not associate the two together.”

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“There are two main reasons for my analysis. First, the changes in IOI World Competition made its gameplay and GOG seem to converge, giving these tactics more room to play. Second, FV team is actually constantly evolving. The details and execution of these tactics have been greatly improved, so they have completely different effects...”

The original poster had obviously put in a lot of effort in analyzing the game. He had done a comprehensive analysis of the choices of heroes, the lineup, the resource selection and tactical decisions in the game, and so on.

The final conclusion was that FV Team’s playstyle had not changed from the qualifiers to the international competition.