How is it to brush water online? Is it true?

How is it to brush water online? Is it true?

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The spring training camp period was only for one week, so we thoroughly refined the three basic techniques: Sakura flash, which is a thrust, Evening Sakura, which is a diagonal slash, and Lightning Sakura, which is an Iai-slash.

(This is amazing!)

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By incorporating the basic principles of Sakura Blossom One-Sword Style techniques, my slashes have become sharper day by day.

I refined it by watching Bacchus-san, who is the best role model one can ask for.

The feeling of rapid growth that I have never experienced before.

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My swordsmanship became more polished every day.

(I can do it! I can become even stronger still!)

In this way, I had an incredibly fulfilling time.

And today, the training for “Sixth Day” was finally over.

「「「「「Thank you very much!」」」」」

We expressed our gratitude to Bacchus-san and Rose for the training.

「Barararara! You guys did your best today as well! Every one of you have grown beyond recognition compared to the first day!」

He laughed out loud and nodded with satisfaction.