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"But it doesn't seem like Kinoshita's going to listen, she's saying she'll report this to the school. Judging from her testimony and the footage, it doesn't seem like we'll be able to close this case. Looking at it from her perspective, it's as though she had been forced into accepting this situation after all. It'll also put Class C through a tough time since they'd have lost Kinoshita. You do understand what this means, right?".

"...probatio diabolica, right?".

Chabashira-sensei did not deny it but rather, crossed her arms silently. To prove that there are aliens on earth, all you'd have to do is capture one alien from somewhere on the planet but to prove that there are no aliens on earth, you'd have to search every nook and cranny of the earth which is something impossible to pull off. That's the devil's proof. What Chabashira-sensei wants to say is that unless I can prove my innocence, then it's necessary to take measures to prevent unfairness...

"How did you happen to hear of this, Chabashira-sensei? Who else knows of this currently?".

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"Kushida consulted me on the matter. She said she didn't want to make a big deal out of it but didn't know what to do".

"Sorry, Horikita-san. Kinoshita-san insisted that I consult a teacher on this no matter what.....".

"Thank you for your concern. Because if it had been a teacher from another class, this would have escalated into a big deal. But I have my doubts. Where exactly did you hear this from Kinoshita-san?".

Kushida-san anxiously looked at the entrance to the infirmary.

"Because I'm good friends with Kinoshita-san.....when I checked in on her during the break, she told me about this".

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"So that's how it is".

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It isn't strange if this is Kushida-san we're talking about since she has a large social network. Either way, the only ones who know of this right now are the parties concerned: Kinoshita-san and myself. As well as Kushida-san and Chabashira-sensei. If possible, I'd like to keep it at this and resolve this problem but.....

"Would you like to speak with Kinoshita-san?".

"I don't know. Right now she seems a bit frightened so she might be emotionally unstable.......".