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Online primary school students make money

W-What? Behind the school building? Are we fighting? Is it duel? Or, why am I being challenged by the princess I’ve never beaten in a mock battle? [1]

“What, i, is it so hard to say? Are you thinking about the difference in status or something trivial by any chance? Then don’t worry. In the first place, your house is of sufficient status, my father and your parents are good friends, and they were talking about each other’s children in the future. In other words, there are no problems or obstacles, and the rest is up to us!”

No good, I don’t know what’s what.

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No, really...... to not worry about the difference in status.... does she mean we can fight seriously?

Even so, during our usual mock battles, I always fight with all my power without worrying about the princess being a girl, and still lose.... is this person not aware of that?

“Hey hey, what do you mean?”

“Could it be, at last... Kyaaa!”

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“Oi, are you serious?”

“What’s going to happen?”

“What? By any chance, is this it?”

“We are casually witnessing a historical moment that may determine the future of this country, aren’t we?”

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And the unusual excitement of the princess was naturally the center of attention in the class, and it was an atmosphere that seemed interesting to the others watching the interaction between us.

“No, umm, I must go to the teacher’s office now for... the supplementary lessons...”

“Guh, coward! That much...... A-are you that afraid of me? S-such a trivial thing, i-it’s not like you’ll beat me anytime soon!”

Sorry that you’re a prodigy or whatever, but get off my case!