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"No. It just reminded me of my classmate and I felt sorry for him that's all" Yamauchi replied to Ike.

Yamauchi stubborn denies Ike's statements.

"Do you want to cooperate for a moment?". All of a sudden, something like that was said.

"What do you mean by cooperate?".

"We're going to prepare a birthday present for him".

From a state of antagonism towards Katsuragi, it seems Ike has instead changed to a state of sympathy.

"Sure, I understand it's best getting one from a girl. But that's impossible. And in that case, wouldn't it be a blessing to receive a birthday present from someone else?".

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I felt something was off with that logic, but I would be hard-pressed to deny it all.

Rather than buying a present for yourself for a lie, one would want to receive a present from someone else. It's just, the thing to be careful of is sympathy can surprisingly be a troublesome thing. If Katsuragi did indeed buy the present for himself, would he even be ok with Ike and the others, who are in the know, celebrating it? On the other hand, he may instead get angry and reject their sympathy. Ike and Yamauchi have already begun discussing what to buy for him, but once again I felt doubt regarding that conclusion.

Indeed there are no girls whose birthday is tomorrow. But it's not like all other possibilities have been cut out. The teachers of this school and other authorities, including the other employees on school grounds. If we broaden the definition of 'girl' there are still a lot of candidates left.

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And besides if it's really a present for himself, would he just boldly buy it just like that. And on top of that, Katsuragi's outfit was the unusual uniform in the middle of summer vacation. It couldn't have done anything but make him stand out. It's easy to imagine people would be suspicious if they saw him, and normally one wouldn't act in uniform.

"Ayanokouji, you fork over some points too. If the three of us each have around 1500 points we could buy something nice for him".

I've already heard this kind of talk yesterday though.....

In other words, my expenditure would double. The expenditure of 1000 points is not a small thing.

"So Ayanokouji, this may be a little fast but tomorrow let's celebrate Katsuragi's birthday".

Has their switch already been turned, it seems the two of them are intent on buying Katsuragi a present.

"Are you really going to buy one?".