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I will watch that moment.

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Tis one thing I can do now.

After all, I am a master.

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Author’s Note

For a moment, I put in a story to make room once. I was going to do it somewhere, but I couldn’t find the timing here.

It was good tomorrow, but today I saw a movie and my tension went up.

Translated by: Sads07

“Earth... What the hell are you?”

As I slowly took small steps to create some distance, Rebal doesn’t engage, he instead expresses his feelings.

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Maybe, with the silence that has currently fallen over the arena, it seems the people are having similar thoughts.

“As a magic swordsman, you abandoned your sword... yet you used this kind of technique.... Did you learn it from Sir Hiro and Lady Mamu?”

How did I gain this power and fighting style?

First of all, perhaps it’s my father, would be the reason they’ll consider first.

“...... Aren’t they just as surprised? Their mouths are wide open next to his Majesty!”

“............ Eh!”