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However, Meng Chang had no intention of leaving a good impression on the audience. What’s more, the protagonist they had chosen was a “standard fat geek” like Lin Jiaqiang, who weighed more than two hundred kilograms. The room must be messy to match his image.

Of course, he could not go overboard. Otherwise, his identity as a spy would be exposed if he made it too obvious. It would not be easy to clean up the mess.

“In that case, let’s film this afternoon!”

“We have the venue and the actors are in place. I’ll make the best use of my time to edit the proposal. Let’s end this quickly.”

Meng Chang began to make the final edits of the document quickly. Then, he printed it out and rushed to the filming location.

Yu Yao quickly went back to work.

They were very efficient and suited Tengda Corporation’s style.

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In the afternoon, at the filming location of the publicity video.

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Meng Chang, Yu Yao, Lin Jiaqiang, and the staff who were filming the promotional video were all present.

After exchanging pleasantries, Meng Chang distributed the script of the publicity video to the staff at the scene and briefly explained the scene to Lin Jiaqiang.

“Actually, you don’t have to analyze this script. You just have to act according to your first impression. Do you understand?” Meng Chang hinted frantically.

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Obviously, Meng Chang did not want Lin Jiaqiang’s acting skills to suddenly explode, contribute to a hot topic on the internet and make the smart fitness drying rack popular.

The worse Lin Jiaqiang’s acting skills were, the higher chances Meng Chang had of getting a high commission.

Lin Jiaqiang read the script from beginning to end seriously and nodded. “Don’t worry, I’m familiar with this role!”

He had acted in many ridiculous comedies before. There were often some ridiculous and bizarre plots in them. He could not help but feel happy when he saw the publicity film, which was a little ridiculous. Wasn’t this his strong point? He should act as himself!

Meng Chang nodded. “Alright, let’s start filming. Let’s take it and see how it goes.”

Everyone quickly got into position and began filming.

Lin Jiaqiang had not acted in a movie for a long time, but he was an old actor after all. He still had his foundation. What’s more, he did not need to memorize lines in the publicity video. He only needed to make all sorts of exaggerated expressions and movements. Therefore, there was basically no difficulty.

The edited version of the publicity video took about two minutes. The few scenes were not complicated, so it was filmed very quickly.