Is it true if you use mobile phones on the Internet?

Is it true if you use mobile phones on the Internet?

After some consideration, Pei Qian found his

Yet, how could he shatter everyone’s confidence? Should he conjure negative news?

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However, the System’s regulations would restrict him from using underhanded means like that.

What’s more, everyone had invested a considerable sum. That symbolized their unflinching confidence in this project. Pei Qian could try and tell them that the project was unreliable, but nobody would believe him.

What a fix!

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Pei Qian had found the right direction, but he had no idea how to go about achieving the

He had no other choice but to ask He Desheng. After all, he was the professional.

Pei Qian remained silent for a moment and asked, “What would you do to make the other investors lose confidence in ‘Top Student, Come Quick’?”

He Desheng was stunned. Had Boss Pei been thinking about this while he remained silent for so long?

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Why did he want to cause the other investors to lose confidence in “Top Student, Come Quick’? Shouldn’t their competitors be thinking about that instead?

He Desheng looked at Boss Pei’s expression. It looks like... he’s testing me.

He Desheng immediately looked more serious. He thought that there must have been a hidden meaning behind this deceivingly simple question.

After two minutes, He Desheng still could not figure out the deeper meaning. Thus, he had no choice but to give a safe answer. “If it were me, I would keep trying to sell my shares.

“Increasing my shareholding shows my belief in this project. However, trying to reduce my shareholding would have the opposite effect. That’s why trying to sell my shares would affect other investors’ confidence.”

Pei Qian nodded. That’s right! Trying to reduce my shareholding would be a very clear expression of my confidence level: I think this is the most that this project would give me, and I want to run now!

On the other hand, if I keep holding onto my shares, no matter how hard I try to tell others that I don’t believe in the project; no one would believe me!

However... doesn’t that mean that I would have to reap profits?

Even if I don’t sell all of my shares at once but sell them bit by bit, I would still reap profits for sure.

Of course, if I sell a bit at a time, the money I earn would still be considered acceptable.