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We quietly looked at him leaving.

“I’m sorry, but given the current situation, Kanzaki-kun definitely doesn’t have much legroom.”

Class B, which had always maintained its position, had now fallen to Class C.

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Given the failure of the style of fighting that had worked so far, the entire class had no choice but to change its direction. In this situation, it was understandable that he was like that.

Or rather, the Ichinose who was still able to be pleasant to me in this situation was the one who was different.

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Kanzaki was starting to think they should abandon their naivety in the future, and he was right.

“Was it me that’s wrong…?”

Ichinose wasn’t completely unaware of what Kanzaki was thinking.

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But even if she did, she still decided to follow herself.

There was a world of difference between that and knowing nothing but obstinately clinging to one’s course.

“Do you remember what I told you before?”

“Yes, you told me to stick with my classmates and go forward, right, didn’t you?”

“There may be students who want to change their own class appearing from now on, just like Kanzaki. Or there may be some that are dissatisfied with you and want to stop you. Maybe even some that will betray the class too. It won’t be surprising to think some will do whatever just to make a change. Class 1-B, the class that only you protected, that class doesn’t exist anymore.”

Of all students of 2-C, those words were likely to resonate with Ichinose the most.

“No matter what happens from here, I want for you to trust your classmates, put their safety first and continue the fight.”