does subscribing on youtube cost money

does subscribing on youtube cost money

Meng Chang decided not to think about Bunny Tail live-stream anymore and focused on working on the E-Sports promotional video.

It was a bad start and he might not get a single cent in commission but there would still be room for redemption as long as the E-Sports promotional video was done!

At the same time, Pei Qian was also on Bunny Tail Live-Stream. His head was filled with question marks.

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Who was this old man?

What was he talking about?

Oh, that’s right. Yu Pingan seemed to have called previously and said that Bunny Tail Live-Stream was asking for people from Useful App. He wanted those young lecturers and scholars to conduct live-stream lectures on the Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

It was done so quickly?

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This was way too efficient!

Pei Qian had thought that these young lecturers and scholars needed a month at least to prepare for the Bunny Tail Live-Stream. However, there was no need to prepare at all. These people had already begun their lectures the moment Bunny Tail Live-Stream began!

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Pei Qian would not have been surprised if these young lecturers and scholars were doing the live-stream. However, the next question made him very confused.

Why were there so many people watching?

This was a lecture. Why were there more and more people in the live-stream? Why were the bullet screen comments becoming more and more dense? There were even people giving gifts.

The audience seemed to be quite convinced looking at their reaction!

The popularity of the platform might be very low but the atmosphere of all the live-streams was very good. There were no arguments, fishing, and cursing bullet screen comments like the other live-stream platforms. The audience seemed to be very well-mannered.

The scariest thing was that even the promotional video had become positive!

Pei Qian immediately called Old Ma sensing that something was amiss.

“Hello? Brother Qian? How is it? The Bunny Tail Live-Stream isn’t bad, right? Try giving a gift. They are carrots and vegetables. That carrot icon is too cute!”

Ma Yang’s voice was filled with excitement. However, the point of focus seemed to have gone off track with Pei Qian.