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Many people were already sharing similar content and saying similar things.

All of them were merely emphasizing that Tengda’s numerous rules for GPL and excessive restrictions on the clubs served to exploit the clubs and hinder the healthy development of the esports industry. All the clubs seemed to be joining forces to resist this move...

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Many clubs had also shared similar viewpoints and expressed their interest in the matter.

Although they did not express themselves plainly, their attitudes were clear.

Below these Weibo posts, players had varying opinions.

Some agreed, some did not, and some just stood by to watch the events unfold.

“I took a look at the rules and regulations, and I think that Tengda had good intentions. It wanted to regulate the esports environment, but it should have thought about what would become of the professional league without any clubs supporting it. The clubs are their business partners, and they should not have attempted to exploit them!”

“That’s right. Tengda is obviously doing this for its own interests. It’s putting too much pressure on the clubs. Now, look at how things have turned out. The clubs are joining forces to resist this move. How would the GPL form?”

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“I think Tengda has acted too quickly. There’s no need for this now. They should have given the clubs some room to live and develop.”

“What are all of you above talking about? Tengda is not stopping the clubs from generating profits. No restrictions were placed on representing, competing, and sponsoring. There’s only a standard form contract and a request for clubs to submit to Tengda’s mediation and supervision. Is that too much to ask? Why is everyone reacting so intensely?”

“These are good moves to regulate the industry. What’s more, I believe in Boss Pei. Boss Pei has a reason for doing everything!”

“Forget it. Now’s not the time to argue who’s right and who’s wrong. Everyone should take a step back and give one another room to live and make mistakes. Boss Pei can only successfully run GPL if the major clubs cooperate, right?”

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“Only children try to decide who’s right and who’s wrong. Adults only look at profits and interests. I think that it’s too much for Tengda to try and exploit clubs from the beginning. They should have offered some sweet treats to begin with before introducing regulations slowly.”