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『Surely, what are you planning… Jamdi’el… besides, I am a tad concerned about the Goddess, but… certainly not…did she…』

Tre’ainar nodded in agreement to my concerns.

Rather, I’ve been wanting to hear your opinion, but you were so excited about the training equipment, so I didn’t… Huh?

“…… Jamdi’el?”

Didn’t Tre’ainar just say something outrageous?

Somehow, it’s a name I’ve often seen in textbooks and newspapers…. wow, such a coincidence…

『Uhun, that High Priestess’ real name is… Jamdi’el. One of the Six Supremacy and Great Demon Generals, pride of the Demon King’s Army, who once went on a rampage in the world under the moniker of the ‘Dark Valkyrie’.』

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No, no, no, no, no, no… it’s some mistake… isn’t it?

Because the former boss himself said so… ah, that’s right… they say the Allied Forces were still looking for her… Oh, I see! That’s why, the statue of Tre’ainar…

“…then, you couldn’t tell me sooneeeeeeeeeeeeeerr!!!!”


I suddenly shouted loudly, and both the townspeople and Amae gave me a surprised look.