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But that’s not the times now.

If peace comes, we will be able to focus on reconstruction and development, and the hiring of high-income imperial knights has become a narrow gate.

Well, it doesn’t matter to me.


『By the way, what about the top five students earlier mentioned by the teacher’s man? 』

「The top five members of the Academy are 【Imperial Knights】 almost unconditionally, without any recruitment exams, only interviews in the form of recommendations. Moreover, the assignment to the Career Group in the Imperial capital............ In other words, it means riding on the main line in the middle of the career path.”

『Hou... 』

Right. The top five applicants will be prepared for the success course unconditionally.

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Of course, as second place I can ride the course.

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『And...What path will you go?』

「Hah? ...... What to do....」

I was puzzled by Tre’ainar’s obvious question.

Whatever course...

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「So I’m second in my grade. Even if I don’t do anything, I’m still in a career group. 」

Yes, I was able to go on the road of success of the 【Imperial Knights】 as it is.

『What? You want to get ahead in life?』

「Eh...? 」

『Assigned to Imperial capital... In other words, you seem rebellious with your father, but do you mean to end up drinking sweet juice in your father’s prestigious environment after all? 』