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After hearing this voice, the elder Horikita stopped walking.

It seems at the very end, she was able to catch up.

Noon had passed, and the elder Horikita was a few steps away before leaving this place.

If she arrived even a minute late, she wouldn’t have been able to see his face.

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When elder Horikita turned around, he had a surprised expression which I’ve never seen before.

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Was it his sister’s arrival which surprised him?

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This was, of course, a possibility.

Although that’s what I thought, that didn’t seem to be the case.

No, it should be said that’s not the only reason.

I immediately found out the real reason the elder Horikita was surprised.


Arriving after the appointed time, Horikita Suzune hurriedly stood to my side as she panted.

But right now, to Horikita Suzune, there was no difference between me and the background.

I was not in her field of vision.