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「Thank you. President, you look good too.」

Her top is a loose white blouse.

Bottom is a long skirt with a deep slit.

A red pendant hanging from her neck..

Cool and elegant, this outfit suits the president very well.

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「Fufu, thanks」

And now that the greetings were over,

「Even so, you invited me so suddenly yesterday…」

I immediately asked the thing that was bothering me.


Shortly after receiving the First-Year War trophy and on the way towards the infirmary where Ria and Rose were, I received a letter from the president.

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The content was very simple.

『I am going to treat you to ice cream to thank you for helping me with the student council’s work the other day. Let’s meet at the clock tower on Oriana Street at noon tomorrow. -Sie Arcstria』

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However, three conditions were written under it.

Keep it a secret from Ria and Rose, and come alone.

Come in casual clothes, not uniform.

Don’t bring a sword because it stands out.